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samgauss said: Did you sell this ticket yet?

No, but I’m also not sure what’s going on with my registration because my profile with them says that I have NO tickets, and I can’t transfer a ticket to someone else if I can’t see it, (although the money definitely went through), and they said they’re not going to be able to look at my order until Tuesday, which is after the discount is over, so if you know you’re going, I’d go ahead and buy your own. If you’re planning to wait, then I can get back to you in about a day.

Sometimes I look at the portfolios of my peers and feel overwhelmed with the kind of work they’re creating. People will have beautiful, perfectly-rendered character sheets and backgrounds and illustrations with a carefully constructed theme and presentation, and then I look at my current body of work, which is honestly a Biggie newsprint sketchpad jammed full of loose computer paper covered in original character sketches and thumbnails.

What’s weird is that if I don’t compare myself, I really like my work. I’m producing the kind of concepts, characters, and stories that I want to see and that I’m proud of. After all, when you build something, someone has to do the foundations or it will fall.

How do you get there? I have no fucking idea.

nowhere-inparticular said: I’m planning on going, but only for a day. :\ I could signal boost, though.

Thanks, I’ll probably know by Monday if it was some kind of error on their part or if they won’t refund me and I have to sell it. Also I’m going to be in CA for a week or two for the Expo, so we should definitely hang out!

Uhhh… just out of curiosity, are any of you planning on buying a 3-day pass to the CTN Animation Expo this year? I just got my ticket and their website charged me twice for some reason, so… I guess I’m going to try to get in touch with them ASAP. If I for some reason got 2 tickets and they won’t refund, would anyone like to buy one? It’s at the discounted $175. $175 that I could really stand to keep.

I know that realistically, medically, I will probably never be able to make comics, but man, I fucking love comics.




Babs eating lettuce.


Ferguson’s public library welcomes students and teachers this week, while schools are still closed.