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SPARK Con 2014 - Street Painting
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Here’s the first set from SparkCon’s street painting 2014. This was my fifth time doing this event. This year my brother and sister did squares as well (my brother has the red, curly hair and my sister shows up in the next post). It didn’t start raining until about 10 AM, and only did for about 30 minutes. Some people worked through it, but it’s near-impossible to mix colors smoothly when it’s wet, so we covered our work and waited it out.

SPARK Con 2014 - Street Painting
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Most of these are from after the 5pm deadline. Oops.
I got an honorable mention for the third time in a row.

SPARK Con 2014 - Street Painting

My sister showed up with her friend right when it started raining, so we all got back to work once it stopped. It didn’t rain any more that day, but thankfully it stayed overcast and cool. My brother finished his first square early and started on his second around noon.

This is what I draw when I’m supposed to be drawing other stuff.

This is what I draw when I’m supposed to be drawing other stuff.

Initial character designs for the scene I’m storyboarding. Savio’s in it as well.

Pictures are gonna have to wait because my computer is old and slow. It’s 2:30 AM, and I’m not tired yet, which is good because I’ve got tons of work to do before CTNX. And I intend to storyboard a scene my sister wrote by October for my CTNX portfolio, and I still need to finish designing a few characters, wardrobes, settings, and props before I can even start a rough board.

But I kinda just want to finish my Sokka painting instead.

Just call me ol’ reliable honorable mention. Uploading my dad’s photos from the event later tonight.

Street painting was this weekend! I don’t have many pictures but my dad took tons. I’m exhausted and going to bed, so I’ll just post the finished painting now. The big one is my square, the reverse mermaid was my sister’s (I drew a sketch for her to color), and the pickles was my brother’s.

Oh, also, since there aren’t people in any of these, these are 5’x5’ squares.


Sometimes I miss Livejournal. We should all just go back there and type more than 250 words of comments to each other at a time, you know, just really go wild.

"Followers" vs. "friends," right? I’ve been using tumblr over lj for the past couple years and have never been worse at online interaction. And every time I reblog a text post to reply to someone I just feel like I’m bothering my followers who want to see my art, not my social interactions.

Street painting at SparkCon in Raleigh, NC starts tomorrow at 3 and again on Saturday at 8 AM. This is my fifth year participating, and depending on weather (there’s a 60% chance of rain), I might be doing something OTHER than a dragon or dinosaur. If it rains get ready for more dragons, cause they’re easy.

Gonna take lots of ibuprofen and hope my hand doesn’t crap out.